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Vintage Car Service

Rolls Royce Silver Cloud


This Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud is the most recent addition to our fleet of classic automobiles, acquired from a well-maintained local collection. Our Rolls is a rare Rolls; built for limousine duty with a longer than standard wheelbase, a larger passenger seating area and a sliding glass divider partition to provide privacy for our clients. The interior was recently reupholstered in a deep beautiful red, a perfect backdrop for photographs of your special occasion, adding a nice “pop” for formal gowns and tuxedos, and complimenting the
Olde English White exterior perfectly. You will feel like royalty riding in our air-conditioned rolls, no matter what the Mississippi weather brings. Our Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud is quickly becoming one of our most popular antique cars for wedding days, give us a call to reserve your date today.

Rolls Royce Diamond Service

The Diamond Service is our “ALL DAY” premier rental, and includes up to three trips — for example, to drive you to the ceremony site, then from your ceremony to the reception; and finally, from the reception to your hotel.

Cost: $995

Rolls Royce Silver Service

The Silver Service includes one trip — for example, from your ceremony to the reception or from the reception to your hotel. We will arrive before your planned departure, so that your guests can see the car, and you have an opportunity to take photos!

Cost: $695

Rolls Royce Gold Service

The Gold Service includes up to two trips — for example, from your ceremony to the reception and from the reception to your hotel. Our arrival time is flexible – but we normally arrive 45 minutes prior to the ceremony, so the guests can see the car as they arrive.

Cost: $895