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Vintage Car Service

1941 Cadillac Sixty Special Touring Sedan

1941 Cadillac Series Sixty
Our 1941 Cadillac Sixty Special Touring Sedan brims with elegance and originality, and can add the perfect touch to your special occasion. A rare find, our Cadillac is all original, with only seventy-thousand miles, original exterior paint and most of the tan cord upholstery is still original having never been restored. Caddy was chauffeur driven for the first thirty-five years of life, and made its way through both private and museum collections before we were lucky enough to take ownership. Our classic black four-door Cadillac offers an unmatched level of beauty and comfort with a very modern feeling smooth ride in a timelessly elegant package for your wedding day or special event.
1941 was the last year of Bill Mitchell’s original Sixty Special design, and many consider the 1941 to the most beautiful of this series built by the Fleetwood Coachworks department (this body style was produced from 1938-1941). For this year model the headlights were made integral into the fenders, and the spare tire was no longer mounted on the exterior. 1941 also marked the introduction of the “tombstone” grille with a high center section flanked by lower side sections, which would identify Cadillacs for years to come. The new “face” blended well with the original body, and the rear fenders now held full skirts. For 1941, power was still supplied by the same 346 cubic inch flat-head V8 Cadillac engine as before, but was now rated at 150 hp. There were only 3,878 Touring sedans produced in 1941, making them rare in their own right.

1941 Caddy Diamond Service

The Diamond Service is our “ALL DAY” premier rental, and includes up to three trips — for example, to drive you to the ceremony site, then from your ceremony to the reception; and finally, from the reception to your hotel.

Cost: $895

1941 Caddy Silver Service

The Silver Service includes one trip — for example, from your ceremony to the
reception or from the reception to your hotel. We will arrive before your planned departure, so that your guests can see the car, and you have an opportunity to take photos!

Cost: $495

1941 Caddy Gold Service

The Gold Service includes up to two trips — for example, from your ceremony to the reception and from the reception to your hotel. Our arrival time is flexible – but we normally arrive 45 minutes prior to the ceremony, so the guests can see the car as they arrive.

Cost: $695